Sales and Marketing Technology

Deductive is a sales and marketing technology broker. We have pulled together several Best of Breed sales and marketing technologies to help your business utilize technology to stay ahead of (and in some cases, steal from) your competition. You'll be amazed at what you can do!

Deductive Marketing and Recruiting is a Rocket Fuel Affiliate. They are a leader in applying artificial intelligence to big data in order to place online display ads1 in a very effective way. Rocket Fuel sees 99% of all information on the web, not just what Google, Bing or Facebook sees. Rocket Fuel sees all of this and more.

96 of the Ad Age Top 100 use Rocket Fuel technology. We think you should too.

​Here is a great  video showing the power of Rocket Fuel.

Whether you sell consumers, other businesses or if you're running a political campaign, we can help you:

Get better results than Google, Facebook, SEO, search, or Ad Words  (B2B or B2C)

►Stay in contact with your website visitors who “look and leave” (B2Bor B2C)
►Get more ROI from your ★ website (
B2B oB2C) ★ email list (B2B or B2C) ★ phone list (B2B or B2C)

►Generate Leads and Engage with Prospects and Customers ★ email list (B2B or B2C) ★ phone list (B2B or B2C)

►Drive traffic to your store or trade show booth.
►Market to your competitors’ online customers (
B2B or B2C)
►Market to your competitors’ brick and mortar customers (
B2B orB2C)
Train the bottom 80% of your sales team to sell like the top 20%

Contact me to discuss solutions for your company 
408-395-1028 o

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(1) Display ads are ads that appear on websites. If you've ever searched for an item on Amazon, you've probably noticed how ads for that item follow you around the internet. Those ads are display ads, and the technology used to keep you engaged with that item as you travel around the internet is called tagging and remarketing.